1. Price It Right! Contact your local real estate professional to ensure you have the most current CMA or Comparative Market Analysis for the homes sold in your area. This valuable tool will help you price your home in such a way that it will make it attractive to not only buyers, but other real estate professionals who may have clients interested in purchasing a home just like yours.
  2. Ask for a Merchandising Review. This one page worksheet is a critical component to ensuring your home is sold for the most money, in the least amount of time and for the best possible terms. Why? It spells out, in detail, all the finer points of selling your home in today’s market.
  3. Out With the Old! While the shelves full of novelties, mementos and family photos are treasures to you, prospective buyers need a “clean landscape” in which to envision their own personal possessions. Clear away the clutter, box up the personal items and store This presents a better “showplace” and also safeguards those items precious to you when your property is being reviewed by potential buyers.
  4. Grading on the “Curb.” “Curb Appeal” has never been more important than in a changing market. First impressions are everything and your home can be a masterpiece inside but if your outside is drab, dirty, cluttered or unkempt you can be sure that your prospective buyers will drive on by. Polish or replace hardware such as door knockers, knobs and light fixtures. Plant colorful flowers in the beds, trim hedges, keep your lawn tidy and consider a nice accent piece for your If your door looks faded or chipped, bring it back to life with a fresh “sand and paint” job!
  5. Make Certain Your Home is Properly Staged – Consider hiring a professional to “stage” your house before prospective buyers begin coming through your door, especially if your house has been vacant for a while. A professional stager will generally charge between $1,000 and $2,000, and arrange home furnishings so that prospects can more easily envision their own furniture in the house. At the same time, an experienced stager can add a touch of class to your home.
  6. Don’t Forget Financial Incentives – Offer buyer’s agents a four percent commission rather than the traditional three percent, along with closing cost assistance to buy Closing cost assistance is especially attractive now that credit has tightened significantly and 100% loans are next to impossible to obtain.

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